1945 Pol Roger at Middle Temple

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1945 Pol Roger Extra Cuvée de Réserve… 🍾

This very rare bottle was opened by Arden Fine Wines for our friends at Middle Temple.

It was born at about the same time that Pol Roger’s greatest fan Sir Winston Churchill first met Odette Pol Roger, at a lunch given by the British Ambassador to France Alfred Duff Cooper in Paris on 12th November 1945.

What was the 1945 Pol like? Well, it’s best days are behind it… But it’s always a privilege to drink wines of this age and rarity from great vintages.

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From my friend Vic Mills:

“Hi Stuart,

Project greetings from a decidedly autumnal Berlin.

Please find attached the latest – Autumn Collection Special – newsletter. As you might imagine, it was another busy quarter for the project. Included in the edition – along with our various travels – is a pictorial late season look at project beneficiaries, a fond Mumbai memory, a cricketing suggestion for the upcoming festive season, and much, much more.

Hope this finds you well and, despite the time of year, in peak mid-season form.



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Lafite of endurance | 1982 Château Lafite Rothschild

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When Château Lafite’s 1982 vintage was released in 1983, it was sold ex-cellars by UK wine merchants to private clients at about £300 per dozen.

Today, £300 would buy you about 75ml of 1982 Lafite (from #ArdenFineWines, anyway 😁).

It remains the most expensive vintage available of Lafite – more even than 1945, 1949, 1953, 1959, 1961…

Well-cellared examples of 1982 Lafite (like this one) can still be outstanding but if over-traded and over-travelled – some ’82s have been round the planet more times than the International Space Station – they can be disappointing.

Arden’s bottle of this sought-after wine travelled all the way from Bordeaux to Sussex, where we acquired it from a local cellar via an auctioneer.

And now it’s in our London cellar, awaiting a new home…

#ChateauLafiteRothschild #pauillac #france #bordeaux #1982Lafite #1982Bordeaux #London #Mayfair

  • A bottle of 1982 Lafite Rothschild at Arden Fine Wines in Mayfair, London
    1982 Château Lafite Rothschild (1 x 75cl) SAME-DAY DELIVERY TO LONDON ADDRESSES
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CEO Sleepout UK 21st November | Please help me to raise funds for homeless people

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On Monday 21st November, I will be joining other business leaders in London at CEO Sleepout UK, sleeping outdoors at Lord’s Cricket Ground to raise funds for people who have been pulled into homelessness.

By and large, people don’t choose to be homeless.

They find themselves sleeping on the street because they are facing a major crisis and have ended up with nowhere else to stay.

A relationship breakdown; redundancy; poor mental health; or domestic abuse are among the reasons.

With support, people can leave homelessness behind. They can be empowered to move on and make a fresh start away from the street.

Last year I raised nearly £1,000, with total donations totalling £129,000. I’m aiming for £2,000 this year.

Please support CEO Sleepout by making a donation today, so that we can help London’s homeless.

Click here to donate or scan the QR code below.

Thank you for your support.

Stuart George | Arden Fine Wines

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“Of Battenberg, Bombay and Blag: Tales of a Club Cricketer Gone Rogue” by Vic Mills

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Message from my friend Vic Mills:

“Hi Stuart,

I don’t know whether you’ve a copy of Battenberg, Bombay and Blag yet? Or, if so, whether you’ve got around to reading it?

But if both are in the affirmative, I wonder if I might prevail on you to post a review of the book on Amazon?

This, the publisher assures me, and in their words not mine, makes such a difference to driving discoverability and sales.

First up, you don’t need to have bought the book from Amazon. However, you do need to be an Amazon customer or, in my words, know a friend who is.

There is also something about having spent around £40 with them in the past year. So not quite as clear cut as simply writing and posting a review.

All that aside, it’d be good to get some feedback for no other reason than I’m already 80,000 words into Rogue Cricketer II (Of Soft Hands, Shell Alley & Sticky Dog). Thanks, Stuart.



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Hungary Heart | 1964 Tokajis from Monimpex

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These two lovely bottles of 1964 Tokaji came to Arden from a (an even lovelier) Parisienne friend of a friend, whose father had owned them for some years after they were gifted to him. He only bought French wines, of course… 😉

Monimpex was the only Hungarian company with an export licence during the period of “Goulash Communism” that followed the 1956 Revolution.

János Kádár – First Secretary of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party – instigated policies to create good living standards for the people of Hungary.

(Eating goulash and drinking Tokaji – as I did many years ago while travelling in Hungary – is fine by me.)

The colours of these two Tokaji remind me of Tom Waits’ song “Frank’s Wild Years”: “all Halloween / Orange and chimney red”.

The Aszú 3 Puttonyos is the dark amber of an evening sky after a hot day.

It has a darker colour than the Szamorodni because of the much higher sugar content: Probably 60 grams per litre / 6%, compared to the less than 10 grams / 1% of the dry Szamorodni.

We also have a bottle of 1956 Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos from the collection of Dr. Olah László.

  • 1964 Tokaji Aszu
    1964 Tokaji Aszú 3 Puttonyos Monimpex (1 x 50cl)
  • 1964 Tokaji Szamorodni
    1964 Tokaji Szamorodni Monimpex (1 x 50cl)
  • 1956 Tokaji 5 Puttonyos from the collection of Dr. Olah László (1 x 50cl)
    1956 Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos from the collection of Dr. Olah László (1 x 50cl)
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“Hi Stuart,

After last week’s excitement with the book launch it’s back to the day job this Monday afternoon with the attached PFF Summer Newsletter. The annual kit appeal apart, this is a relatively quiet time for the project. This does allow the opportunity, however, to showcase the clubs who benefitted from project clothing and kit in the spring.

To this end, we’ve gone far afield with pictures from Lebanon, Portugal, France, Germany and the UK. In our project rewind we highlight the Dharavi Cricket Academy’s winning end to the 2016/17 season. The newsletter closes with a very project take on the Duke ball fiasco. More than enough then to occupy that next coffee.



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Taylor (not so) Swift | 1948 Taylor’s Vintage Port from Tibberton House

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Only nine shippers declared the 1948 Port vintage, which – with the benefit of 74 years’ hindsight – is surprising, given the quality of the wines that were made. There was no really good Vintage Port again until 1955.

A total of 30,000 pipes – the traditional Douro barrel of 534 litres that was taken as the equivalent of 60-dozen bottles – was made. But the port market was depressed in this post-war period and there was still a lot of Port available from the fecund 1927 vintage (Cockburn’s made 20,000 dozen bottles!). The shippers bought only half of the 1948 crop at vintage time, leaving many farmers with unsold wines.

Arden’s bottle of the renowned 1948 Taylor’s Vintage Port came from the cellar of Tibberton House at Great Malvern in my birth county of Worcestershire.

As far as we can tell, this ’48 was originally retailed – and probably bottled – by Josiah Stallard and Sons of Worcester.

Josiah Stallard was born in 1816 and became Mayor of Worcester in 1857. He was photographed that year by Herbert Watkins; the photo is in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery.

The late great Michael Broadbent said that 1948 was “Probably now the best-ever Vintage of Taylor… one of the finest ports ever made.”

We recommend that it’s drunk before 2048… 🍷

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Three Ports | 1985 Dow’s – 1977 Fonseca’s – 1963 Taylor’s

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In the Douro valley in 1985, the weather was magnificent from June onwards. (Actually, when isn’t the summer weather magnificent in the Douro?)

It was the first unanimously declared Port vintage since 1975 and probably the best of the 1980s.

A bottle of 1985 Dow’s was opened at our Mayfair dining room recently and it was outstanding: Rich, concentrated, and with many years ahead of it. 

Prices for 1977 Ports were considered high at the time but now seem very generous. 
Fonseca 1977, for example, was released in London in January 1980 at £48 per dozen bottles, which now equates to about £220.
It was sampled recently with some clients to test our newly-acquired 130-year old glassware. A perfect, mature Vintage Port.
1977 Fonseca Vintage Port at Arden Fine Wines
Our bottle of 1963 Taylor’s has a Wine Society label (and might have been UK-bottled by them too).
This example of a legendary 20th century Port vintage came from a private cellar in deepest south London.
It’s in excellent condition for its age and should be a great glass (or six) of Vintage Port.

1963 Taylor Vintage Port

Remember: A Vintage Port is for life, not just for Christmas… 
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At Her Majesty’s pleasure | 1952 Château Latour

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What to give to somebody celebrating a Platinum Jubilee 👑…?

How about a bottle of 1952 Château Latour?

1952 Chateau Latour

From the year that Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh, became monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the British Dominions, this is a tannic vintage of Latour, which is probably why the wine has retained its deep colour.

Arden’s bottle of 1952 Latour came to us from a private cellar via an auctioneer in Lincolnshire.

An ideal bottle for toasting a Platinum Jubilee 🍷.

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