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“Stuart is as honest as the day is long”

Tim Pearson, owner of Seven Springs Wines, South Africa

“The pleasure was on my side, as you did organise this event without any reason for me to complain.”

Philipp Axt, CEO of 4G Wines, South Africa

“Stuart is professional and thorough, and somebody whom I trust to get the facts straight.”

Lynn Parr, Artist and Writer

“Stuart is what they call in the cricketing world, a fine all-rounder. I have known him best as an organiser of fine wine tastings – perhaps a facet of his career less known than his writing, yet in this capacity he has organised a complex array of contributions and logistics culminating in some truly landmark wine tastings, including the best Port tasting I have ever attended.”

Linden Wilkie, Managing Director of The Fine Wine Experience Ltd

“Thank you so very much for all the help you have given me in selling my late husband’s wine cellar. I could not have had a more conscientious and hard working representative. Your concern for me in all the circumstances was most touching. You kindly took over all the arrangements of organising and cataloguing, opening and checking all the wooden cases – all things I could not do myself. It was all a huge help and really much appreciated because, as you know, all of the other auction houses and the individual dealers I approached expected me to handle these things myself. How you managed to decipher and sell the ones with damaged labels was remarkable. I do not know how you did it but I am very grateful to you for sorting out those bottles too. The outcome was brilliant. You found the best markets and made the whole exercise so easy and may I say, once we got to the auction, even enjoyable! I am immensely grateful to you for all your assistance and kindness and besides recommending you to my brother-in-law, who was also delighted with your success, will be happy and confident to pass on your name to anyone I know in similar circumstances. Once again thank you for all your help with the wines and also for the humidors and cigars, that was a touch of genius!”

Ruth Montlake, London

“Stuart was recommended to me by my sister-in-law to reorganise, catalogue and arrange an auction of my treasured but neglected wine cellar. My experience of his advice and personal services closely mirrored hers. Without hesitation I would recommend Stuart to anyone needing his specialised expertise and reliability to deal with a similar domestic problem.”

Ivor Montlake, London

“Your thought is a breath of fresh air! I seldom work with PR companies. To be very frank, I find most of them extremely pretentious without any real passion. They are like used car salesmen, if you will excuse my language. I really salute your philosophy. I am sure you will be successful and have lots of fun too!”

Johnny Chan, co-owner and co-founder of 1421 Wines

“Stuart is a cracking writer, who did everything I asked him to, on time and with a smile. I would definitely work with Stuart again.”

Ali Moore, Editor of The Wine Box

“Stuart is a knowledgeable, reliable writer for us, consistently providing the timely, in-depth content we strive to provide our professional readership. Adhering to deadlines and readily open to any follow-up requests, he delivers creative, compelling work in a complete package, making an editor’s job easy.”

Rachel Zawila, Editor of Sommelier Journal

“Stuart George is a wine writer who has written for Sommelier India WINE Magazine, India’s premier magazine on wine. I was very pleased to have him as a contributor since he wrote well, was knowledgeable about his subject and was always courteous and professional in his dealings.”

Reva Singh, Editor, Sommelier India WINE Magazine


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