When I’m ’64 | Tokaji 1964 from Monimpex

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Monimpex was the only Hungarian company with an export licence during the period of “Goulash Communism” that followed the 1956 Revolution.

János Kádár – First Secretary of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party – instigated policies to create good living standards for the people of Hungary (= eating goulash and drinking Tokaji 😋).

The Aszú 3 Puttonyos here has a darker colour than the Szamorodni because of the much higher sugar content – probably 60 grams per litre / 6%, compared to the less than 10 grams / 1% of the dry Szamorodni.

These two lovely bottles of 1964 Tokaji came to Arden Fine Wines from (an even lovelier) Parisienne friend of a friend, whose father had owned them for some years after they were gifted to him.

He only bought French wines, of course… 😉

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