Picasso’s Last Words (Drink to Me) | 1973 Château Mouton Rothschild

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The most distinguished of Mouton’s artist labels…? 🍷
It was a hot, dry year in Bordeaux’s wine regions in 1973.
A lot of fermented grape juice was made: only 1979 produced more wine overall in the ’70s.
The red wines in 1973 were fruity, charming, and had docile acidity, though Château Mouton Rothschild was characteristically exuberant – a ripe, showy wine, with a ripe, showy label…
Pablo Picasso’s work was chosen to adorn the 1973 vintage by Mouton’s owner Baron Philippe de Rothschild “in homage to Picasso (1881-1973)” to commemorate Picasso’s passing earlier that year.
The painting is dated 22nd December 1959 and is a watercolour of a Bacchanale – a wine-fuelled Roman festival devoted to the god of winemaking – that was owned by Baron Philippe de Rothschild and was on display at the Mouton museum.
Château Mouton Rothschild was promoted from Deuxième Cru (Second Growth) to Premier Cru (First Growth) status in 1973 – the only wine estate to have achieved this since the Bordeaux classification was established in 1855.
The old motto at Mouton was: “Premier ne puis, second ne daigne, Mouton suis” (“First I cannot be, second I do not deign to be, Mouton I am”).
For the first and only time, the 1973 label displayed the château’s First Growth status and a new motto:
“Premier je suis, second je fus, Mouton ne change” (“First I am, second I was, Mouton doesn’t change”).
Bottles of 1973 Bordeaux are now hard to find – because most of them were drunk in the 1970s and 1980s…
Nonetheless, if you’re seeking something nice for a 50th birthday or anniversary then please drop us a line.
1973 Mouton Rothschild at Arden Fine Wines 1 1973 Mouton Rothschild at Arden Fine Wines 1
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