“Of Battenberg, Bombay and Blag: Tales of a Club Cricketer Gone Rogue” by Vic Mills

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Message from my friend Vic Mills:

“Hi Stuart,

I don’t know whether you’ve a copy of Battenberg, Bombay and Blag yet? Or, if so, whether you’ve got around to reading it?

But if both are in the affirmative, I wonder if I might prevail on you to post a review of the book on Amazon?

This, the publisher assures me, and in their words not mine, makes such a difference to driving discoverability and sales.

First up, you don’t need to have bought the book from Amazon. However, you do need to be an Amazon customer or, in my words, know a friend who is.

There is also something about having spent around £40 with them in the past year. So not quite as clear cut as simply writing and posting a review.

All that aside, it’d be good to get some feedback for no other reason than I’m already 80,000 words into Rogue Cricketer II (Of Soft Hands, Shell Alley & Sticky Dog). Thanks, Stuart.



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