Three Ports | 1985 Dow’s – 1977 Fonseca’s – 1963 Taylor’s

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In the Douro valley in 1985, the weather was magnificent from June onwards. (Actually, when isn’t the summer weather magnificent in the Douro?)

It was the first unanimously declared Port vintage since 1975 and probably the best of the 1980s.

A bottle of 1985 Dow’s was opened at our Mayfair dining room recently and it was outstanding: Rich, concentrated, and with many years ahead of it. 

Prices for 1977 Ports were considered high at the time but now seem very generous. 
Fonseca 1977, for example, was released in London in January 1980 at £48 per dozen bottles, which now equates to about £220.
It was sampled recently with some clients to test our newly-acquired 130-year old glassware. A perfect, mature Vintage Port.
1977 Fonseca Vintage Port at Arden Fine Wines
Our bottle of 1963 Taylor’s has a Wine Society label (and might have been UK-bottled by them too).
This example of a legendary 20th century Port vintage came from a private cellar in deepest south London.
It’s in excellent condition for its age and should be a great glass (or six) of Vintage Port.

1963 Taylor Vintage Port

Remember: A Vintage Port is for life, not just for Christmas… 
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