She Sells Sichels on the Seashore: 1937 Sichel & Cie Volnay

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Volnay was served at the royal table for the coronation of Louis XV in 1722.

(Louis was only 12 years old so probably did not drink it himself.)

His father the “Sun King” Louis XIV is said to have preferred Volnay to all other wines.

We could do with some sunshine and Volnay in Mayfair…

(It was snowing when Elior and I were photographed!)

This bottle of 1937 Sichel & Cie Volnay was made the year before Allan Sichel (with three other parties) bought the then extremely dilapidated Château Palmer in Bordeaux.

Coming only two years after appellation d’origine contrôlée had been established in France as a certification of authenticity granted to certain geographical indications for wines, cheeses, butters, and other agricultural products, 1937 was the best Burgundy vintage of a difficult decade of economic depression and then war.

Ripened by a hot, dry summer, the Pinot Noir grapes were made into tannic wines that were built to last.

Now 85 years old, this 1937 Volnay still retains a deep colour.

It might be just the thing to warm you up while it snows in April…

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