Château Clerc Milon 1975

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Château Clerc Milon 1975… 🍷 😋

This Pauillac estate was acquired by Baron Philippe de Rothschild (of Mouton Rothschild) in 1970, when it was called Château Clerc-Milon-Mondon.

He dropped the Mondon part of the name and redesigned the label, modelling it on a silver “jungfraubecher” wedding beaker from Augsburg dating from 1609.

The beaker is in the form of a lady raising a coupe above her head. This coupe forms one drinking vessel and the skirt of the lady forms another. A newly-married couple would drink from both parts of the beaker at the same time, trying not to spill anything.

From the 1983 vintage, the label was illustrated with a drawing of a pair of commedia dell’arte dancers, based on a 17th century piece displayed in the Museum of Wine in Art at Château Mouton Rothschild.

Parts of the label of this Clerc Milon bottle were missing, so the vintage was unknown.

The label design meant that it could be of any year from 1970 to 1982… 🤔

The cork was embossed with 1975 – a good mid-1970s Bordeaux vintage, of which this Clerc Milon was a decent example: Darkly-coloured, tannic, cedary, and getting close to the point of no return – but still worth opening and drinking (which I did 🍷).

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