“1983… (A Vintage Port I Should Turn to Be)”? Jimi Hendrix and 1983 Taylor’s in Brook Street

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Arden Fine Wines‘ office at 50 Brook Street is just up the road from 23 Brook Street, where Jimi Hendrix lived from June 1968 to March 1969.

It is well worth a visit to admire the meticulous recreation of the flat as it was when Hendrix lived there.

“1983… (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)” is a song recorded in 1968 for the  Jimi Hendrix Experience’s third album Electric Ladyland.

Speaking of 1983 in Brook Street… We have a few bottles of Taylor’s Vintage Port.

Overall, it was a very good Port vintage. The resulting wines were built to last, with ebullient tannins that have melted away over the years like the snow in Pinhão.

The dilapidated labels of Arden’s bottles evidence long-term storage in a cool, damp cellar… Perfect!

In the meantime, don’t overdo it with the “Burning of the Midnight Lamp”; try not to get run over by “Crosstown Traffic”; stay safe and well and sane, and avoid “Manic Depression”…

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