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A message from my friend Vic Mills:

“Dear Friend & Project Supporter,

Greetings from a still locked down and curfew-light Berlin. Been like this since before Christmas and will remain so until at least the third week of May. So not too much news locally. With restrictions slowly being lifted in the UK I’m delighted to report progress on the project front. Indeed, enough progress to warrant the attached Spring Newsletter. However, just when you thought you were getting topside of a pandemic, up pops a Brexit broadside in the shape of rampant bureaucracy. As a result, Project Front Foot just got a heap more difficult and expensive! And I thought getting clothing and equipment into India was challenging. Still, we’re close to getting our kit from Berkshire to Berlin from where it’ll be distributed to refugee cricketers and clubs around the country. So more, much more, to follow in the coming weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the newsletter, and stay safe and healthy.



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