Salvador Dalí’s “The Wines of Gala”

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First published in 1977, Salvador Dalí’s book The Wines of Gala was a sequel to 1973’s Les Dîners de Gala.

I first read The Wines of Gala in deepest Victoria, Australia, in 2004. It was the first and last time that I saw it until it was republished by Taschen in 2017.

The images are by Dalí but the text was mostly written by the currently 94-year old Dalí associate Max Gérard.

Louis Orizet – “a viticulturalist”, apparently – also contributed “Ten Gala Wines”.

The Wines of Gala has an introductory poem by Philippe de Rothschild of Château Mouton Rothschild, for whom Dalí did the 1958 label, of a sketchily drawn sheep, which also features in one of the artworks in the book.

Gérard’s, Orizet’s, and Baron Philippe’s texts are mostly pretentious twaddle. Perhaps it reads better in French (or Spanish).

But Dalí’s images are characteristically striking: eccentric (surreal!); sometimes disturbing; boldly-coloured; and technically brilliant.

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