Pétrus 1990… A genuine fake

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How about Pétrus 1990 at an auction estimate of £200-300? I listed a bottle earlier this year at £4,540.

When I saw this auction lot I got very excited at a possible bargain that could be resold at significant profit (or even drunk at negligible cost).

But a cursory inspection of the images (as shown here) showed the bottle to be of doubtful authenticity. It’s a counterfeit Pétrus – and not a very good one, either.

The bottle is the wrong shape. The shoulders of a genuine Pétrus bottle are longer and lower. Compare it to the genuine bottle that was listed by Arden Fine Wines.

Wax capsules are never used on Pétrus 75cl bottles. They are used only for large formats and very occasionally. Jéroboams of 1970 and Impériales of 1989 had wax seals but otherwise I’ve never seen them on genuine Pétrus bottles of any size.

I contacted the auctioneer to advise that the bottle is counterfeit and suggest that it be withdrawn from sale. It was withdrawn today, sparing the auctioneer of further embarrassment and the prospect of selling counterfeit wine.

Stuart George | Founder & MD | Arden Fine Wines

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