Trump tariffs: Buy Italian wine!

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The Trump administration’s latest salvo in its trade war with the European Union includes tariffs of 25% on French, Spanish, and German table wines below 14% alcohol.

But Italian wines get a pass…

“Barbaresco once played understudy to the much more famous Barolo, until Angelo Gaja, wearing a dazzling Missoni sweater, strode onto the world stage”, wrote my former colleague at The World of Fine Wine Hugh Johnson.

The Gaja family settled in Piemonte in the mid-seventeenth century, and Giovanni Gaja founded the eponymous winery in 1859. Angelo joined the business in 1961, and today the Gaja family owns 250 acres of prime vineyards in the Barbaresco and Barolo districts, as well as two further estates in Tuscany.

Gaja’s Langhe portfolio includes a number of Barbaresco single-vineyard wines: Sorí Tildin, Sorí San Lorenzo, and Costa Russi.

Gaja’s 1981 Sorí San Lorenzo is from a poor Barbaresco vintage but well worth a try.

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