Arden Fine Wines welcomes Viva Business as a Partner

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Arden Fine Wines is delighted to welcome Viva Business – the private office for the sale of international wineries – as a Partner.

The main focus of Viva Business is on selected off-market wineries, investments, or participation in wine and beverage industry/projects.

Viva Business’s portfolio consists of wineries with an established brand and business.

They are able to offer wineries in Italy; Portugal; France (Bordeaux, Champagne, Provence); Spain; Switzerland; Germany; UK; Greece; South Africa; Chile; Argentina; Australia; India; the USA; and other countries and regions.

Viva Business

The Viva Business team are multilingual experts with the sale of off-market wineries as an alternative investment or business opportunity.

Bettina Kurz and Frank Höfinger retain offices in Germany and Italy.

Please contact Bettina Kurz at:

Viva Business GmbH & Co.KG

Mobile: +49 172 72 43 993  or +39 331 99 99 375

Skype: Viva-Business

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