Pétrus 1995

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Although the wines of Pomerol have never been classified, all agree that Pétrus is a First Growth among equals.

Pétrus was considered a minor estate that produced underwhelming wine until hotel owner Madame Edmond Loubat gradually acquired it, becoming sole owner by 1945. Working with the negociant Jean-Pierre Moueix, who became her sole agent in 1943, she made Pétrus the world’s most renowned and sought-after red wine. The Moueix family became majority shareholders in 1969.

Pétrus is an intense and long-lived wine but this has far more to do with its unique terroir than with a heavy hand in the winery. The Pomerol “plateau” has a 20-hectare area of deep blue clay soils with a high iron content. Pétrus lies on more than half of this unique “boutonnière” (“button hole”), a mound at 40 metres above sea level and the highest point of Pomerol. The gentle slope allows rainwater to run off during wet vintages and the moisture-rich layers below nurture the vines in dry years.

Almost unique among Bordeaux wines, Pétrus is produced more or less entirely from Merlot, though older vintages apparently contain up to 20% Cabernet Franc.

My fellow Warwick University graduate Neal Martin assessed Pétrus 1995 in February 2018: “The nose is very ‘cool’ and refined. There remains plenty of black fruit on the nose, quite savoury in style to such an extent that blind, I was certain it contained some Cabernet Franc and was therefore Lafleur! The palate is extremely well balanced with superb density, wonderful structure and a crescendo of flavours. There is a touch of hung game towards the finish, dried blood and sage, the aftertaste ridiculously long. It has reached its drinking plateau, although on this showing, it is going to be a very long plateau. Divine. 2020–2055”.

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