A refutation of Maureen Downey’s refutation

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Maureen Downey has been described by the Institute of Masters of Wine as “an independent expert on fine and rare wine and wine collection management, and is one of the foremost global authority (sic) on wine fraud, counterfeit wine and fine wine authentication.”

Miss Downey’s functionally illiterate prose – as demonstrated in her frequent twitter rants – only occasionally resembles English and then, one suspects, only accidentally.

Having waded through nearly 3,500 words of incoherent and ungrammatical prose and numbers that would stand a good chance of winning the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest (BLFC) at San Jose State University, I can respond to some of the assertions in her “Refutation”.

Miss Downey claims to be a fluent French speaker. In which case she might have read or seen Molière’s comedy Tartuffe, in which the eponymous character is outwardly pious but fundamentally mercenary.

Many of the figures presented by Miss Downey are demonstrably inaccurate or incorrect, or guesswork presented as fact. Views that aren’t properly based on evidence are likely to be false.

Read the full article here.

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