What Ol’ Blue Eyes and Deano drank

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I came across a reproduction of the Copa Room’s wine list at The Sands hotel in Las Vegas during Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin’s performances there.

Some of the American wines’ names – “Gamay Beaujolais” and “Dry Sauterne” (sic) – would not be permitted now.

The list also helpfully points out the “imported” wines.

The “fifth” and “tenth” serving measures I guess equate to 150ml and 75ml respectively.

The imported wines are more expensive than the native wines, with the exception of Soave Bolla, which costs the same as the least expensive American wines here.

At $10 per fifth, Blue Nun “spaetlese” costs more than Pommard or Chablis.

The most expensive wine pro rata is a magnum of “Dom Pérignon Vintage” – though the year is not stated.

The only wine for which a vintage is stated is “Château Lafite Rothschild (1961)”, which shows that even in its early days its quality was renowned.

Many sources state 1959 as the date of this menu but that cannot be possible if it includes Lafite 1961. There are images of Ol’ Blue Eyes and Deano performing together in 1964, which fits the Lafite listing.

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