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A message from my friend Vic Mills:

“Hi Stuart,

After arguably the weepiest week in the history of the game, it has fallen to Project Front Foot to put a smile back on the face of world cricket. A big ask, but one we feel confident of achieving with the attached “Mumbai Special” newsletter.

The newsletter chronicles PFF’s latest Mumbai visit during the last two weeks of February and first two of March. Not an easy trip given the debilitating conditions and a workload that magically doubled.

The project platform prior to departure was simple: let’s have some fun, do some good. This we achieved in spades both with our flagship project the Dharavi Cricket Academy and the growing work with our Rural Schools Initiative.

There was encouraging news too from the UK where we were further able to support charities involving disadvantaged children together with a refugee cricket project.

A bumper edition, then, with miraculously not a single ball-tampered or tear shed. It can be done.



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