Dodgy Jacob’s Creek – be careful out there…

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I’m not normally interested in Jacob’s Creek – it ain’t fine wine – but this case caught my attention.

Have a look at the grape varieties printed above the delicious-sounding “fresh grapefruit, lemon and passionfruit flavours”.

This misspelled forgery was found by Sussex police in a Brighton off-licence.

The problem with fakes and forgeries isn’t just Pétrus and DRC and other highly-priced fine wines.

The greater part of the “market” for fraudulent wines is at this very commercial level where public scrutiny is very low. The vast drinks conglomerate Pernod Ricard (which owns Jacob’s Creek) has taken steps to prevent counterfeiting in China by introducing “scannable bottles” with a QR code to help consumers identify potential forgeries. But this is only for spirits and not for wines.

Alas, they haven’t yet been able to prevent dodgy Jacob’s Creek being sold by unscrupulous – or just poorly informed – wine retailers in London-on-Sea.


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