Zalto glassware: Best prices in UK from here!

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We are delighted to present Zalto glasses, which we believe are the best available. Our prices are as good as any in the UK.

Check out the range at Zalto’s website.

Our price list can be downloaded here.

Unlike most other glassware, there is no lead in Zalto glasses, which makes them stronger, more elastic, and extremely lightweight.
All of Zalto’s glasses are mouth-blown in one piece, then the foot is attached: the usual method is for the stem to be glued to the bowl. The glasses are cooled very slowly, which makes them significantly tougher than their rivals. Accidentally knocked over onto a granite surface, they will almost always “bounce”.

Zalto glasses are dishwasher-proof and are resistant to clouding.

We think that the choice of wine glass is extremely important, especially when serving fine wines and older wines.

If you don’t think that Zalto adds to the experience, why not drink from the bottle…?

Please contact us with any queries.


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