COF medicine: Colli Orientali del Friuli Blogger Project 2012

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Lucky me to have been invited to attend the COF 2012 trip to the eastern hills of Friuli. I can hardly wait.

Initially I was alarmed to see that I was one of “Six American bloggers” but this has now been changed to “Six Anglophone bloggers”. After all, I was born in Evesham, England, not Evesham, NJ.

Friuli has a complicated and sometimes painful history. At the end of WWII, Gorizia – like Berlin – was split down the middle by the Italian/Yugoslavian border. In 1954 Tito annexed the Istrian peninsular, leaving Trieste an Italian city once again.

The complex history of Friuli can be imagined in the life of a man born in Trieste in 1900. He would have been conscripted into the Austrian army, but become an Italian in 1918, a Yugoslavian in 1945 and an Italian again in 1954. A Friuliano friend of mine once told me – with disgust – that his great grandfather (at that time an Austrian) had been killed by Italians in WWI. It is no wonder then that he felt himself Friulano first, Italian second.

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One Response to COF medicine: Colli Orientali del Friuli Blogger Project 2012

  1. COF medicine?
    Oh yes…COF wines, COF food, COF people…..and…pleased to host you in our little/big Friuli!
    Thanks for coming…
    Federica Felice/La Viarte

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