Dangerous Secrets by Lynn Parr

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My friend Lynn Parr has just published her latest book Dangerous Secrets!

It is “an adventure for both adults and older children.”

A potted summary: “It began with a set of strange clues hidden in a powder compact. Clues left by Sam Jasper’s great- grandfather, John, who was an archaeologist in China just before the last war.

Twelve-year-old Sam decides to follow the clues in the hope that they will lead to John’s journal and then to treasure – or, at the very least, to some sort of adventure.

But once in China, following the clues with the help of a local boy, Kai, Sam realises that someone else is also searching for the journal, and he will stop at nothing to find it first. For there is a lot more at stake than treasure, and Sam is in great danger as she uncovers crimes that go back to 1937 when Japan started bombing Shanghai.

Sam’s story is accompanied by John Jasper’s journal entries as he documents the last hurrah of Shanghai’s International Settlement before life changes forever with the invasion of the Japanese in 1941.

And both Sam and John must face treachery and peril as their quests connect across the years.”

You can read sample text on the website www.wildwoodpress.co.uk and order from there.


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