Wine and chocolate

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In the wine writing world one often hears about wines that taste a bit like chocolate – some Barossa Shirazes, for example – or how difficult it is to find a wine that goes with chocolate. But at The France Show held at Earls Court today and over the weekend, I found the apotheosis of this challenge – VinoCacao®, a wine with chocolate flavouring.

The wine, available in both red and white, comes from Bordeaux. The chocolate is from Ivory Caast.

The wine must have been utterly foul in the first place for them to want, or at least intend, to add chocolate to it. But with the chocolate it becomes about as appealing as drinking from a public dunny cistern in Soho.

I’m impressed that VinoCacao® has been able to get away with producing this chemical weapon in Bordeaux. But it does the image of Bordeaux and its wines no favours at all.

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